I’m beginning to recognize more and more layers of my multidimensional self. This has been happening for YEARS but it feels that it is all accelerating and so much information is being revealed on the daily that it’s sometimes hard to integrate and I feel like I’m plugged into an electrical socket of the Divine mind. It’s exhilarating, hilarious, exhausting, ridiculous, beautiful and horrific sometimes all at once!

Through my discoveries, I have learned that I came here with a really specific purpose: I feel and I heal, not just for myself, but for the entire collective. What does that mean?

It means that every day is like walking through a landscape of wildly different feelings and emotions. And most of the time there is no “logical” reason to be feeling them. Because I am an extremely sensitive person with this ability to pick up things and process them in my own being, about 3/4 of what I feel is not mine, meaning that it does not specifically belong to this personality structure named Nancy. As I feel all of this, I have to learn to love all that I feel, otherwise it does not get transformed. It stays sticky in my body and I feel like shit for too long. And trust me, after all this spiritual and personal growth work that I have done, I have A LOT of tools in my pocket to move the gunk around. A lot.

But there is only one thing that ever truly helps me when I am diving deep into a super sticky feeling, helping myself and the collective to purge some kind of destructive belief system. The one tool that helps me is really no tool at all, but rather the deepest remembrance of the deepest kind- the remembrance of who I really am. And I am not referring to the personality structure. I’m referring to the fact that every single cell in my body is vibrating with God consciousness.

Which means every single part of everyone else’s body and every other thing in the whole history of existence is also vibrating with God consciousness. And even the spaces in between the things and the people are vibrating with God consciousness. Which means….Are you ready?


And soo….

If you’re also an empath who feels deeply, or if you also chose this incarnation to help cleanse the entire collective, not just your own consciousness, I truly believe that is the only “tool” that you can ever fall back on with 100% trust. Oneness: the ability to perceive God in all things.

When you practice seeing God in all things, you release judgment and compassion is naturally born. Compassion isn’t something that you can really strive for. It’s something that naturally flowers from the soil of composted judgment. It is judgment that keeps up the walls of separation. (There’s a part of you that already knows that, and there’s another part of you that feels really annoyed when you hear it because you know it’s true.)

And soo…

If we are all one, then you are also one with such characters such as Trump. Ooh, ouch, sting. That hurts doesn’t it? I know, I know. I don’t really want to believe it either. But what if, just what if…run with me here…All of this political nonsense was a way to slap us silly so that we finally wake up to the illusory game that is this 3D reality?

What do we have left to lose now? What if we tried something new? What if instead of pointing fingers over and over, choosing sides and feeding hate with hate, what if we released our judgment and looked BEYOND THE STORY.

(Hint: Beyond the story is always love. Always. Beyond the story is always God. Always)

So this is a battle cry to my spiritual warriors out there! Those of you who actually have this capacity to look beyond the story, please do it! Step back, really far back from your newsfeeds and hold it all with love. Looking beyond the story, releasing judgment and accepting oneness is how we step up into the new paradigm that is being deliciously offered to anyone who is paying attention to what goes on behind the scenes.

But you should be warned: When you begin this journey, it’ll be really intense and you’ll ride some epic waves. The way you get tumbled and whipped by the waves is to identify with your suffering rather than the God consciousness vibrating in your cells while you’re riding the waves. And the way you get stuck and stay in the illusion is by staying in judgment.

This is not about spiritual bypassing, choosing to feel only what you want to feel. This it NOT about “positive vibes only.” This is about feeling it all so deeply that you will have no choice but to remember who you really are underneath all of those sticky icky feelings.


How do you resonate with this perspective? What do you think are actionable steps to change our external reality for the better? 


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Learn more about the path of the peaceful warrior in my video I made a while back that is still very relevant today:



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Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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