I am many women in one.

Doula : I am very passi00onate about my work around childbirth. I believe that we can make big changes on this Earth by changing the way we bring our children into the world. When we recognize that the transition into motherhood is a woman’s rite of passage, not only will we work to respect and empower our mothers, but we will also gently, peacefully and consciously guide our children into this world.

Mother: I am a mother to a gorgeous 12 year old daughter and 2 little boys under 3 years old who always keeps me on my toes! Motherhood has been the most amazing, humbling, exciting, and challenging thing I’ve ever experienced. My perspective is that our children come into our lives to be our greatest teachers. They can help us evolve if we learn to see them as mirrors for our own patterns. I understand that motherhood takes a lot of work, patience, tolerance and a big open heart. I work as a New Mom Coach to help women in all their roles as mothers.

Goddess: On my best days, I am one with the deep intelligence and wisdom that exists within my body, mind and soul. I recognize myself as divinity in a body, and I allow myself to be a vessel for everything that could move humanity into deeper consciousness and love. It was a long journey to get to this point of self-discovery and once I arrived, I understood that part of my life’s purpose was to help other women do the same. When working as a Goddess Coach, I help women to come face to face with limiting belief systems and societal programming that no longer serves them. I help them to see the spark of light that exists within and teach them how to allow that light to shine more fully.

Space Holder: My strongest gifts lie in my sensitivity, my ability to hold space, my strong intuition and in my ability to listen deeply. I listen beyond the words and act as a clear mirror to reflect back truth and wisdom. I enjoy guiding people through their shadow work, exploring what their darker sides may be and the jewels that lie within those – the jewels that ultimately act as doorways to deeper understanding, awakening and expansion.

Lover: Meeting my life partner has deepened my connection to the archetype of the Divine Feminine that I embody in our relationship. With him I have deepened my studies of tantra, sacred sexuality and explored the dynamic of the masculine and feminine. I have learned how it is essential to create and maintain a strong polarity within a romantic relationship in order to keep the passion, excitement and desire alive. I lead workshops and facilitate one-on-one coaching to help people dive deeper into these topics.

My story

I’m here to help, to share, to empower, to inspire, and to bring back ancient feminine wisdom to the Earth.  I know that I am part of a bigger story- an awakening that is happening on this planet and it is my absolute honor and pleasure to walk women home back to their hearts the way that I have walked myself home to mine.

The Formalities

I am a European trained O.D.I.S. Doula and have completed Ina May Gaskin’s “Advanced Doula Training.” I am a certified Rainbow Yoga Instructor, a certified Reiki healer, and a certified mindfulness facilitator for TeamUp (www.TeamUp.co). I have studied shamanism, tantra, sacred sexuality, yoga of the spiritual heart, and mindfulness in Thailand, Bali, Guatemala and Mexico. I have also studied nutrition, worked as a chef and started my own superfood company.

Other fun facts

I love doing things that other people think are insane (5 Days in a DarkRoom), or even revolting (I’m looking at you placenta encapsulation.) I’m a Gemini, a chocoholic (I once brought 20 kilos of raw cacao around the world), a world traveler, a sound healer, a ceremony leader, a singer, a collector of exercises and practices that open the mind, heart and spirit. I often have psychic dreams and know when things will happen before they do. My first job was at a sno-cone stand in a small town in southeast Texas where I grew up. Now I live in an even smaller town on the pacific coast of Mexico where I live, work, play and thrive!

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