Do you feel connected to your femininity? Do you feel a sense of flow, relaxation and receptivity in your life? Or are you constantly running masculine energy, trying to “push through” life and feeling drained and exhausted?

Feeling a deep sense of connection to our divine feminine helps us live in alignment with our heart’s path, and be in a receptive space that attracts magic into our lives.

The connection to our femininity helps us show up in the world in a beautiful and empowered way. Watch my latest video for some tips on connecting to your femininity:

My top 3 Tips:


Connecting with our cycles. 

It is astonishing to me how little women know about their menstrual cycles. Most of us were taught how to shove in a chemically laden tampon and move on through our menstruation as if it were any other day in our life. Ancient cultures however had ceremonies to honor women when they began bleeding for the first time. The loss of the respect we have for our cycles creates a lot of disharmony in the world. When we honor our bodies, we will respect the days when we bleed as powerful days when we can connect with ancestral wisdom and the power within our womb space. The first day or two should be about resting, tuning into our womb’s wisdom, journaling, reflecting and contemplating the lessons of the month past. It should not be about shoving in a million things on your to-do list as you would any other day. When we make this simple change in our monthly schedule, we will notice a powerful shift and feel more in alignment with our divine feminine.

Paying attention to your body’s signals. 

When we are in alignment with our femininity, we feel relaxed and open. We can notice this in the way in which our breath flows. Does your breath flow all the way down into your belly? Or does it stop short and only stay in the top half of your body? Is your pelvis relaxed and open? Or do you feel stiff and rigid? As we open our body more and more to the flow of energy available to us, we strengthen our connection to our inherent feminine wisdom that speaks to us through messages in our bodies.

Replacing the word “goal” with “intention.” 

Masculine energy is more directive and linear. Feminine energy is more open and fluid. I’ve noticed a very powerful and positive shift in my life simply by changing the word ‘goal’ to ‘intention.’ I ask for what I desire, and then I focus the rest of my energy on staying opening to receive that which I asked for. Ask. Open. Receive. And then give back out into the world. That is one way the feminine can be successful with more ease and less rigidity.

How do you connect with your divine feminine?

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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