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If you’re concerned about how to make your birth the most loving and gentle experience for you and your baby, you’re in the right place.

My Story

My journey with birth began 7 years ago when the birth of my daughter didn’t go as I had hoped or expected. I thought my physical and mental planning were enough, but now I realize that I was missing emotional and spiritual preparation along with the support of a wise birth team. Nothing had prepared me for the moment when all I needed to do was fully surrender and let go completely. Though I had a natural birth, my dream home-birth ended in a hospital. That experience changed my life forever, and motivated me to study and work as a doula and devote my life to helping women have more empowering birth experiences.

In Ancient Times...

Women were truly respected and honored for their amazing ability to give life. Childbirth was a ceremony to be celebrated, rather than feared.


Pregnancy and birth are thought of as medical events to be feared instead of a woman’s greatest rite of passage. We have lost touch with our sacred ancient wisdom around this natural physiological event.

We Can Bring Sacredness Back to Birth: Blissful Birthing

Now we can bring ancient wisdom and sacredness back into our birth experiences to have natural births while simultaneously feeling supported by medical technology, should we need it. Childbirth is an amazing experience that will change you for the rest of your life. It is your rite of a passage into motherhood. It has the potential to transform you and help you to recognize your deepest strength and power. And it has the potential to overwhelm you, in more ways than one.

It’s not enough to simply desire a different birth than offered by mainstream medical standards. You must have a strong support system, specific practices to prepare for birth and the willingness to look deeply inside yourself.

The two main reasons women do not experience the birth they ultimately want are lack of support and lack of information.

My Blissful Birth Doula Coaching services & Online Birthing Classes are designed to make sure that these elements are in place before you go into labor so that you can feel fully prepared to give you and your baby the gift of a sacred birth experience.

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“It was beautiful and empowering to realize a new vision of feminine power and vulnerability within myself. Nancy opened my eyes to the extraordinary possibilities of my birth.” – Lisa, Australia

Learn to move beyond the fears and worries of your mind and re-connect with your ancient wisdom that already knows how to give birth! Receive loving support during one of the most precious times of your life as a woman. Begin preparing for an unmedicated birth while feeling strong, empowered and confident.

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I would be honored to be by your side throughout this transition, and help you have a birth that is smooth and graceful.

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