How do you envision birth?

While preparing for natural childbirth, you may have already visualized how your birth may go. If you close your eyes and imagine your baby being born, are there bright lights and people you’ve never met before shouting at you to push?

Or do you envision something more private and peaceful?

Ideally, our babies are created through an intimate and sensuous experience. Passion is flowing, there’s touching, caressing and embracing. We feel beautiful and desired when making love to our partners. That same energy that flows through us during lovemaking is what we bring to birth to improve the experience and the outcome.

Birth has been perfected as a private and sensual experience. Labor progresses best in a private space where we feel safe and loved. Low lighting, caressing, and intimacy set the tone for a smoother labor.

Do you desire a birth that is intimate, sensual, and possibly even pleasurable?

When planning for a sacred birth that feels good for your mind, body, and soul, you need to dig deep and explore your feelings about birth. Throughout our lives our views are shaped by the stories we are told, the movies and television shows we have watched, even books we have read. We must work through these negative feelings and any fear that we have about giving birth.

When working towards a sensual birth, you must begin to see birth as a part of your sexual experience. If you think of birth as a sexual experience instead of a medical one, how do you envision it? How do you set the mood? Will the lighting be bright or dim? Will you have certain music? Do you have a scent you like in the bedroom? How can you make the space you give birth in a place that encourages you to open, let go and drop fully into your feminine essence?

Your Sensual Birth Plan

When preparing your birth plan, think of it as preparing for an intimate night of lovemaking.

  1. Work through your feelings about being able to express yourself sensually during labor.
  2. Talk to your partner about sensual birth.
  3. Set the mood by choosing scents, lighting, music that make you feel open and relaxed.
  4. Choose support people and caregivers that make you feel safe and respected.
  5. Take a prenatal class that supports your vision of a sacred birth.
  6. Speak with like minded women who share your belief that birth can be orgasmic.
  7. Explore water birth. It can be very sensuous and has many other benefits.
  8. Hire a doula to help you create the ambiance you’re envisioning.

“To me, birth is what’s occurring in the way the creative essence emerges into form moment by moment by moment; breath by breath. So whether we’re birthing a child into the world, or dancing, or making love, or cooking a meal, or creating anything, it’s the same exact energy that we’re interacting with.” –Amber Hartnell 

Renowned midwife Ina May Gaskin is quoted as having said “The energy that gets the baby in, gets the baby out.” and I firmly believe it is so.

The Birth Like a Goddess course includes online birthing classes that have been designed to help you work through your feelings and fears to prepare for a birth that feels not only good emotionally and spiritually, but also physically. You can also surround yourself with like minded women in our private Facebook group and start preparing for a sensuous and sacred birth with Birth Like a Goddess.



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