Childbirth is a Chance to Know God

Childbirth is a chance to know God.

Truly, every moment is a chance to know the divine. Every moment that we inhale and every moment that we exhale, we are inhaling and exhaling tiny God particles that are awakening us on deep levels. But we are often oblivious of this moment-to-moment awakening process.

There are, however, certain times in our life when it feels like God gets closer to us, and makes herself known in a more profound way within our beings. For me, childbirth is one of these opportunities.

When we learn to recognize childbirth as an opportunity to get to know the divine more profoundly, we will certainly stop dismissing it as a medical event with expectant and unavoidable traumas. Instead, we will see it for what it truly is: a profound ceremonial rite of passage that initiates us into the beautiful archetypal energy of the Divine Mother.

I want to see more women making friends with what I call the “Inner Goddess” during their journey of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Who is the “Inner Goddess”? She is the source of wisdom that lies within your womb. The inner Goddess rests in the cave of mystery, knowing that she can never possess or control her experience, but that it is always within her best interest to surrender fully to it.

Your inner wise woman is the woman who already knows that she knows how to give birth. She knows that the mysteries of creation are stored in her ancient memory, in her bones, and in her cells. When the modern woman in you learns to let go of the mind and surrender to this primordial knowing, she births her babies with more ease and grace.

When your inner Goddess is awakened, you are very aware that it is of the utmost privilege to hold a growing baby in your womb. You understand the extreme sensitivity of that growing baby because you are continuously tapped into your own vulnerability and sensitivity. You know this vulnerability and sensitivity intimately, and you know that it is not a weakness. It is actually one of your superpowers because it keeps your senses sharp and awake. It lets you know where to hold your focus. It teaches you what situations, environments, belief systems and energies are not in the highest good for you and your baby.

The sensitivity of your Inner Goddess is one of the doorways to your intuition. And when you’re tapped into that intuition, you know it is not something you can easily dismiss. It will become relentless with its messages if you try to numb it out. If you allow it to, it will guide you beyond your mind to the deeper feelings that lie within the womb and the heart. And through this guidance, you will learn how your baby wants to come to this earth.

You will humbly surrender yourself to the divine force that pulses through you during labor. You will know that in reality, there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, and that you certainly cannot run away from this intensity. You will know that it isn’t in your highest interest to numb this intensity out. You will recognize that this intensity is the power that creates worlds and that its intelligence is insurmountable. You will remember that there is only one choice. And slowly but surely, you will turn towards the mystery, and say with your entire being, “Take me. I’m yours.” And instead of you birthing your baby, you will allow the divine mystery of life to do it for you.

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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