Have a Delightful Time During Mercury Retrograde

Maybe you woke up grumpy today. You found yourself yelling at your husband. Maybe you dropped your smartphone in your toilet and then your computer broke (or all the computers in the house, as in my case. No seriously, I’m writing this blog on my phone!) Just know…you’re not alone!

Mercury is in retrograde. The time when communication may go awry, technology may not work and your mind may be full of murkiness, doubts and fears.

Some tips on how to have a better time during this period:

1. Be very mindful of your communication. Take deep breaths before engaging in difficult conversations and be aware that in this period it is more common to over-react.

2. Don’t sign any contracts or make any huge commitments. Too much can go sideways during this period so it’s generally not a good time to make big changes. (Wait what about all of my New Year resolutions!?) Try to be patient and wait until the end of this month to start something new.

3. Expect more clumsiness, so be prepared. Not a good time to leave that protective case off your phone, or go bungee jumping. Take it easy and walk with a little more awareness.

4. Be aware of exes showing up in your life. Definitely think twice before jumping back into bed with one!

5. Double check all messages and emails before sending! 

6. Use this time as an opportunity to process your shadow sides, bring more awareness to details and daily small steps, review past decisions and check in with yourself about current projects and groups you’re involved in. In other words, review, reflect, reminisce and rest. This will serve you better over the next weeks than trying to jump into new major and demanding projects.

Happy retrograding!

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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