The world that we are currently living in is part of a multidimensional infinite cosmic consciousness. The world that we see with open eyes is just one sliver, one layer, one very small slice of the enormous eternal cosmic cake.

The particular frequency that this sliver inhabits is extremely dense. With density comes lots of illusion. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, but that’s the current game that’s being played on earth.

Part of the birth of the new age that is in all of the prophecies is about certain individuals popping out of this particular illusion and density to see from a much bigger perspective. And then from there leading the ship, the earth ship that we are all on.

This bigger perspective is possible when one looks deep within and sees that God is completely inside of oneself and has been hiding there all along. From that space, from that connection to God within, one can then look outside and see God outside of oneself.

BUT be aware as once the eyes are open, it is very very tricky as the illusion is very thick. And judgments come quickly to the mind.

Judgments create the separation again from source, from God consciousness and once you get separated, at least you perceive that you are, then you cannot see through the eyes of love. You cannot love that which repulses you.

Only the purest consciousness from deep within your heart can love that which is repulsive.
THIS and only this, is how to transform the density.

This and only this is how to peel away the many layers of illusion. You can’t do it alone. You must first sink into that which you really are- divinity, and from that space ask to be love, give love, see love, feel love, taste love, love love.

Even the Donald Trumps and the people that you think are f***ing up the world the most MUST be loved. To love, in this sense, is only to see through the illusion and recognize the divinity within ALL beings.

Until you can recognize the love and divinity in ALL, then you still have work to do.
Complaining about the evil in the world only feeds it. Hating it is even more powerful fuel for it to grow.

Resisting it is futile.

So loving it becomes the natural choice. The only sensible choice left.

As an empowered and awake person on the planet that was sent here to change things, shake things up, rearrange things (you know who you are) you came in with empathic gifts. These are very very special tools that require a lot of consciousness to work with. If you become unconscious, you literally eat and absorb the density around you and you begin to identify with it. You become lost in the illusion and then you can’t do your work as efficiently as your spirit would like.

You have to keep reminding yourself, “This is not mine. This is not me.” And then ask yourself, “Who am I really?” Access the purest point in your heart and STAY there. Stay there as much as you possibly can.
This is your source of water that feeds you on every level of your being. This is your true refuge. Try to stop resisting the voice of authenticity deep within your being. Relax. Relax. Relax.

There is a river that is flowing
And you cannot stop it
If you try to, you will suffer
This you will see.
This river is your life force.
It is THE answer
To all of the prayers
That you’ve ever asked.
It is the answer to the prayers
That you didn’t know you had.
Open up and feel the flow.
Open up and feel the flow.

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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