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Honoring Your Daughter's First Bleed

a 2.5 hour masterclass + replay & ceremony guides

Confidence to be the woman who holds the space of sacredness and reverence is what I learned from Nancy.

What was your experience of your First Bleed?

Were you like most young girls in today’s world when you got your first period? Were you simply given a tampon or a pad and left to figure out the rest?

Or perhaps you felt shame and embarrassment and didn’t even have the confidence to tell an adult around you? So you went along as if it were just any other day in your life. 

Or perhaps you had a mother or other female figure in your life who did take the time to acknowledge that something big just happened, but then it stopped there, leaving you with the feeling that there surely must be something more to this bleeding thing than just making sure you have pads in your backpack.

The majority of us did not have a proper initiatory experience that honored menarche (the first bleed) as the rite of passage that it truly is and perhaps we felt the repercussions of this years down the road, and maybe still do.

When our rites of passage are not honored for the immensity that they are, a seed of doubt or fear is often sown in our psyches. There’s a part of you within that knows something big and potentially magical took place inside of your mind/body/spirit but if the culture, family or society wasn’t able to properly reflect that back to you, it can leave you with a sense of abandonment. Often this doubt or fear is unconscious, but as we start to reflect and explore, we can see how it affects many areas of our lives.

The First Golden Opportunity

As menarche is the first “golden opportunity” in our life, it has the potential to shape us for many years to come. When seeds of doubt, fear, isolation or shame are sown in this formative passage, it can manifest as lack of confidence in how to care for our female bodies, insecurity in our fertility and femininity, and fear of natural processes like childbirth and breastfeeding that potentially await us in the future.  

On the contrary, when we take time to properly honor and recognize this magical and potent transition from girlhood to womanhood, we sow seeds of magic, wisdom, knowledge, and deep trust in the female experience. 

A sense of wonder and expansion in our female journeys is what we all want for ourselves and for the next generation. I would be honored to support you to accompany your daughter or another significant girl in your life through this important rite of passage. I’m here to tell you from my own experience that this transition can be meaningful, beautiful, special and incredibly powerful.

Imagine feeling fully resourced with tools and guidance to be able to honor young women as they cross this momentous threshold. Imagine feeling proud and confident that you did everything you could to impart wisdom and reverence for this passage, setting the stage for a positive experience of womanhood that will reverberate far into the future. 

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Saturday, December 3, 2022 from 2 PM- 4:30 PM CT - $79

How to Host a Menarche Ceremony

A 2.5 Hour Masterclass for Mothers, Teachers & Female Leaders

This class is for you if:

  • You are a mother who knows you want to do something special to honor your daughter’s first period – this class is appropriate whether or not your daughter has already had her first period.
  • You want to support the girls and mothers in your community to honor this important rite of passage
  • You are a leader in your community and want to expand your services to offer menarche ceremonies
  • You had a less than ideal menarche experience and are looking for ways to heal those initial imprints

In this Masterclass you will:

  • Explore your own menarche, and work to heal it in sisterhood so that you are not projecting unhelpful impressions onto your daughter(s) or other girls in your community
  • Learn the exact steps to lead a menarche ceremony 
  • Learn songs you can include in your ceremony 
  • Learn about the 3 “Golden Opportunities” and how impactful they are in a woman’s life
  • Learn other ways to celebrate your daughter in this transformative time of her life (not just through ceremony) 
  • Learn how to help your daughter and young girls move through embarrassment and shame 
  • Learn about healthy ways your daughter can care for her cycling body 
  • Receive recommendations for healthy products for your daughter

In addition to the masterclass, you’ll also receive:

  • 3 Ceremony Guides that will show you 3 different ways to lead a menarche ceremony with step by step instructions  
  • A bonus guided meditation to help you access the wise woman within yourself, which will allow you to feel more confident when leading ceremonies 
  • Access to the replay of the masterclass
Nancy is an exquisite guide who makes ancient tradition accessible to our modern lives.
Meet your Guide

Nancy Lucina

Nancy is a co-creator of The Blood Mysteries School, and creator of The Sovereign Birth Series & Conscious Conception: Welcoming Your Spirit Baby Home.

She is also a women’s coach and circle leader, shamanic facilitator, sacred sound therapist, birth keeper, and mother of 3.

As a ceremonial leader in her community, she teaches women and coming-of-age girls about the power of their cycles. She uses her gifts of voice, sound, sensitivity and connection to spirit to guide women from all around the world to awaken their ancient deep feminine wisdom, embody the Wise Woman within and live in truth and power.

I remember when I was expressing apprehension of feeling worthy and ready to share womb wisdom to young women, Nancy said to me "If you're being called to this work, you're ready". It was so simple and powerful, just like her style of teaching. Through learning why it's so important to honor menarche, I realized we are all nature and we are all indigenous to this Earth and if we are willing to listen to our inner guidance and work with the elements, we are able to create a portal of transformation. Through this portal, I truly believe young maidens will become the magical, powerful women that will change the world.
Through ceremonially imbued body literacy, Nancy guided me home to my true essence, in wholeness.
“I always enjoy Nancy’s offerings. Her spiritual connection and authenticity draw me to her work. I have taken a few of her courses and each one brings me closer to my higher self. Her visualization meditations are phenomenal. Nancy has such a way of guiding people in their spiritual journey.”