Nourishment is the Sweetness of Life Itself

This is not coming from a place of judgment. This is coming from a place of deep caring:

Please dear humans, stop filling your precious body with toxic materials.

Your body is an apparatus. It is a tool for consciousness to flow through. It is a vehicle for energy. And if you allow it to manifest, the energy will be so pure, so innocent and clear, that it will literally guide you home, in every moment.
But it is much more difficult to be guided home to that place of purity when you do not give your body the proper NOURISHMENT that it needs.

Nourishment is an interesting word. It is beyond nutrition. It is about recognizing that your body is an incredible temple and feeding it accordingly.

Nourishment is about learning to listen and to listen deeply. What is your body calling for? What does your body need? What will help you to integrate the constant flow of life force that is always pulsing through you?

This may look different for different people. We may have different needs, depending on the different phases of our lives.

But be aware of when the MIND craves something, versus when the deeper intelligence of the BODY requests something.
Our world is filled with shit. Literally SHIT. Let’s call it what it is. The shelves of the grocery market are filled with more SHIT than actual food. This is not an exaggeration. Begin to read your labels people. Can you even pronounce the ingredients? Is it real food?

These foods (if you can even call them that) are used to distract us. This is a really important piece of the puzzle. These foods, filled with sugars and chemicals are a very very VERY poor substitute for the real sweetness and sustenance of life. The chemicals and sugars are a distraction and they create addiction in the mind and body. They are not your friends.

These chemically laden and sugar filled substances are an extension of the extremely distorted ego. This distorted ego says, “Look at me! Look at me!” This version of the ego comes in the form of neon colors and absurdly artificial flavors. It is SO far from the truth of what actual nourishment is, that it leaves your body depleted, gaunt and desperate for true life force.

It takes the time that it takes to leave these addictions behind. But the first step is to realize that they are not serving us. And they never have. They have been a distraction all along. A way to numb out to the true exotic flavors of life. A way to shut down to pain. A way to fill a VOID.

That void can only in actuality be filled with the presence of divine consciousness, if you actually want to feel a deep satisfaction, down to your core, down to your bones.

If you are suffering from an addiction to these chemicals and sugar, ask for help. Call forth the intelligence that is naturally in your body. Without judging yourself, without wallowing in guilt and shame, move forward. Take one step. Listen. Listen with your entire being to that intelligence. What does it need? What nourishes it? What truly keeps your body grounded, sane, whole, healthy, and radiantly alive?

There is an awakening happening on this planet, but we have SO much work to do. We have so much work to do in order to clear this extremely low vibration food from our shelves so that it never enters the mouths of our precious and pure children. These children that came to bring forth a new consciousness, a new way of being on this earth, who are here to offer us a deeper connection to source DESERVE the utmost nourishment that we can possibly give them.
They don’t need distraction. They need the sweetness of life itself.


Dear Divinity,

Please give us the power to release toxic materials, toxic substances, and toxic chemicals from our lives. Give us the power and the awareness to dive deeply into your love, which is the source of the purest sweetness that we could ever taste. Allow us to taste that sweetness with every single pore of our body.

Let us let you in. Let us let you in and help us to refrain from numbing you out, from cutting you off and from looking in shiny neon packages for our liberation.

Our liberation is in you and you alone. Let us remember that.

Shower us with your love. This planet needs your sweetness NOW.

So be it.


Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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