Working with the moon is a constant practice for me and one that I recommend to all women who want to get more in touch with their inner goddess, wisdom, intuition and divine feminine intelligence. The days of the new moon and full moon hold potent energy and by simply taking a few extra moments on these days to connect, you may receive certain messages that can help you along on your path.

The new moon is great for planting new seeds and starting new projects. It often feels like a boost of creative energy to me, whereas the full moon acts as a magnifying glass for all that is currently happening on a personal and a collective level. The full moon has a way of showing you negative patterns and limiting beliefs that you may have been able to “sweep under a rug” on any other day, so it is a great day to consciously release those beliefs that are no longer serving you. The full moon is also great for expanding on anything you’ve been working on or celebrating your successes and progress.

On this full moon in my own astrological sign, Gemini, I’d like to share some wisdom I have been receiving. Here is what this Gemini full moon is whispering to me:

Dear human,

You continue to look outside of yourself even though you have heard the teachings to do otherwise. When you look outside of yourself, you often see a world that is run by fear, worry, anxiety and even hatred. You witness the horrible violence that is taking place on your planet and it makes you sick. You think, “How could they do that? When will they learn? What is this world coming to?” When you look outside of yourself and witness these events, you often fall victim to helplessness. Though this is a natural reaction, it is one that no longer serves you.

Witnessing these challenging collective events take place is a poignant opportunity for you to look deeply within yourself. Rather than taking sides, blaming, worrying, being consumed by fear or anxiety, and giving up all hope, see if you can use the darkness as a gateway to a deeper understanding of yourself. Every time you feel yourself slipping into judgment of how horrible the world is, ask yourself, “What inside of me is causing this event to take place?” Every single one of us is a part of the whole; a microcosmic piece of the larger macrocosm.

You may not feel that you are directly involved with any of the violence that is taking place on the planet. In many ways, of course, you are not. But if you begin to ask yourself, “What kind of violence is taking place within myself right now?” you may be surprised to see that you are waging a mini world war of your own. This violence may show up as self loathing, self hatred, self judgment, or self denial. It may show up as feelings of worthlessness, judgment of others, aggressiveness towards your children or a deep lack of trust in life itself and in the intelligence that is continuously coursing through your body, mind, and spirit at all times. Witnessing this external violence is an opportunity to dig deeper into the dark parts of your psyche that you have become so good at ignoring. But just as the world is shifting, changing, and slowly waking up, these parts of yourself won’t stay in the dark forever. That which is hidden will always find a way to come to light. Everything within you that is not yet seen by the greater consciousness of your being will eventually come out to show itself. Can you be brave enough to stop pointing fingers outside of yourself and look deeply within to see what is truly happening?

Over time in this practice, you will find that you have nothing to lose. At first it may be extremely uncomfortable, but you will begin to understand that these fragmented parts of yourself really just want a home. And there is no greater home for them than your open heart. It takes practice to see these parts of yourself with compassion and love but when you truly feel fed up with the outside world, at a loss for what to do, simply ask yourself, “What can I do for myself?” and dig deeper to find the parts of you that feel unloved. This isn’t a selfish act. It is a way in which you can serve this world because as each one of us begins to align ourselves with our greater wisdom on individual levels, the world will begin to show up as more sane, loving and kind.

A simple and powerful way of practicing this is to do the “Ho’oponopono” meditation, an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness. This practice is rooted in the idea that everything is interconnected and that we all have an individual role to play in the events that take place outside of ourselves, even all the way across the world. Using the Ho’oponopono is a way to forgive those parts of yourself that cause suffering. I can attest to the power of this practice. I have done this meditation for things that I seemingly had nothing to do with and I saw astonishing changes around me take place.

Ho’oponopono in 4 Easy Steps:

Whenever you are drenched in negative feelings about yourself or the world, simply ask this question: “What inside of me is causing this to take place?” Once you have a feeling arise, repeat the following:

1. I love you.
2. I’m sorry.
3. Please forgive me.
4. Thank you.

For more on this practice see the official Ho’oponopono website.

Wishing you a beautiful full moon!


How do you celebrate the full moon? Do you have any specific rituals or practices you like to do? What is this Gemini full moon whispering to you?

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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