How to Host a Menarche Ceremony Masterclass


Learn to host a menarche ceremony and honor your daughter’s first bleed.



In this Masterclass you will:

  • Explore your own menarche, and work to heal it in sisterhood so that you are not projecting unhelpful impressions onto your daughter(s) or other girls in your community
  • Learn the exact steps to lead a menarche ceremony
  • Learn songs you can include in your ceremony
  • Learn about the 3 “Golden Opportunities” and how impactful they are
  • Learn other ways to celebrate your daughter in this transformative time of her life (not just through ceremony)
  • Learn how to help your daughter and young girls move through embarrassment and shame
  • Learn about healthy ways your daughter can care for her cycling body
  • Receive recommendations for healthy products for your daughter
  • Lifetime access to the recording and materials of the masterclass

In addition to the masterclass, you’ll also receive:

  • 3 PDF’s ceremony guides that will show you 3 different ways to lead a menarche ceremony with step by step instructions
  • A bonus guided meditation to help you access the wise woman within yourself, which will allow you to feel more confident when leading ceremonies
  • The replay of the masterclass to keep for a lifetime