Re-Birth Yourself by Facing Death

We are coming into a period on Earth where the line between birth and death is beginning to thin and the veils are lifting. We are beginning to see through many illusions that we once believed in so wholeheartedly. And as this veil begins to thin, it is important to remember that there actually is no difference between birth and death.

Because we are infinite and eternal beings, we are constantly birthing ourselves into being. And as we are constantly birthing ourselves into being, we are constantly being asked to allow certain things to die. In other words, we are asked to allow certain things to come back into our powerful center to be birthed into something new- that’s what the death/rebirth process really is.

This is an amazing time of awakening- an opportunity for you to let go of all of those boundaries between you and Spirit and allow Spirit to birth itself through you continuously. Sometimes as we are navigating this shift in humanity, we come up against very strong walls within ourselves. These walls may be making themselves known for the first time, and that can feel very scary. It feels scary because as you’re coming up against them, you want to say, “That’s not me. That’s not really who I am.” And, in a lot of ways, this is true because these represent the walls of separation between you and Spirit. So in the deepest sense, they are not true. They are an illusion because you are not ever separate from source energy.

However, in your humanness they are true in the sense that you have, somewhere along your journey, created these walls. And so, within these walls lies your own unique power and as you shy away from getting closer to these walls, you also shy away from your own power. And this is the birthing process.

It is meeting that space where you finally have to say, “I let go. I surrender fully to YOU. (YOU being the Great Mystery.)” And as you do this, you must cross this threshold of entering into that which feels scary, heavy and negative. But as long as you remember throughout that process, that within that heaviness, control, negativity, worry, or doubt there is that piece of you that holds immense power  (immense power always being the essence of love) then you can enter into those walls a little more relaxed. And if you allow it, pleasure will make itself known in this process.

There can be pleasure felt in this annihilation process, in this process that feels like death. As long as you continually remember that it is actually a rebirth, you can feel that pleasure. And this pleasure is your guidance system to remind you, “Go here. Go here. Go here. “ Because what happens when you avoid “going there” is that you will experience the emotional reaction to not “going there.” And the emotional reaction is what feels heavy, dense, negative and  unpleasant.

If you feel you need help in going there, use the different tools that you have accumulated along your journey. This might be a tool of meditation, of song, of breath, of prayer, or calling in your guides. Allow these tools to support you as you come into a fuller expression of yourself. The beautiful truth is that your future is always more expansive than you could ever imagine so as you allow yourself to dissolve and as you allow those walls to disassemble themselves, you can continually step into this greater, more expanded version of yourself. And that is actually the driving force of evolution.

Eventually, you won’t really have a choice. You’ll HAVE to go through these different layers of yourself. And it really is up to you how quick and how easy it can be. So ask yourself, “How am I contributing to my birthing process? How am I facing death? (Death being the mystery, the void in which everything can be transformed.)

How are you facing it? Are you turning toward it with willingness? Or are you pushing away and avoiding it, waiting until tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow? The more we can turn toward it, the easier it will be. The more we can turn toward it, the faster love will reveal itself in all crevices of our being and start to tell a new story of humanity through us.

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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