Amber Hartnell

Amber Hartnell is a mystic muse, evolutionary catalyst and ecstatic conduit who ceaselessly rides the unfurling crest of personal and collective evolution, inspiring connection and innovation in all she engages with. She derives profound pleasure by guiding those she serves back home to their Essence, demonstrating how to embrace and dissolve fear and resistance to access the inherent wisdom readily available by relaxing into our Self, which returns us to our natural state of alignment with Life. Amber’s innate gifts began activating at the age of 7, which Life then provided her with ample opportunity to forge through intense conditions, resulting in a deeply embodied awareness of how to effectively transform challenging experiences into empowering ones that fuel growth and expansion. Her compelling Presence generates a palpably coherent field of all embracing Love and effortless grace that irresistibly invites those she comes in contact with to experience their Essential nature. She lives and breathes in service to revealing the Wholeness and Beauty at the heart of all she touches, as an embodied example of just how ecstatic and pleasurable evolution and growth can Be when we set our Self free!

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