Blair Fillingham

Blair Fillingham, the founder of, is on a mission to ensure all women feel loved, supported and prepared for motherhood. She has a vision for a world where the divinity in every woman is honored and cherished; where motherhood is considered sacred, and is protected as such; and where birth outcomes and post-partum depression statistics are improved.

MTRNL is an online yoga studio that specializes in prenatal and postnatal yoga. All classes are taught ‘virtually’ face to face, where the students can see each other and the teacher can see the students.

Blair created MTRNL after 17 years in technology marketing, three years of yoga teaching, and birthing two babies, when she moved from Seattle to a small farming town called Carnation. Rather than travel longer distances to teach yoga, and serve the students who loved her classes, she decided to find a way to bring all of the things that women love about prenatal yoga online. This has resulted in mothers from around the world practicing yoga together, even though they are on different continents. And Blair gets to play with her girls and grow medicinal plants in between classes instead of commuting.

You can attend Blair’s classes by joining