Sacred Sexuality- A Window into my Relationship

My partner is not only a representation of the divine masculine, he is a representation of the divine itself. He is a mirror for me and he reflects back my own divinity. Through him, I can know myself better, which ultimately means to know the divine more deeply and more experientially. Through the strong embodiment of my divine feminine and through the strong embodiment of his divine masculine, we come together: as light illuminates darkness, as yin meets yang, as the sun shines on the Earth and as spirit incarnates into form.

And ultimately we long to go beyond all of this. We long to go beyond all of the ideas, thoughts, and forms in order to merge into pure love, together as one. Polarity is our doorway into this exploration of pure love. Through polarity, we create a strong attraction to one another, a longing to come together. It is through this longing for one another that we can tap into the deeper longing that is present in all of humanity: the longing to be fully melted into love, divinity and the consciousness beyond all masks and illusions.

Sexual energy is the force of God/Goddess. It is the energy that creates projects, beings, worlds, universes. This energy pulses through me, and on a daily basis, I dance with it. I move it up, down and around. I expand it. I melt into it. I channel it into wherever I want and need more energy to go. Societal programming has taught me that it is dirty, something to be hidden and not talked about. But life has taught me the opposite: It is sacred and precious and I try not to waste a drop.

My sexual energy and my relationship with it keeps me healthy, happy, radiant and thriving, with a huge lust for life. I know my sexual energy is amplified through the contact of my partner and so sex becomes a sacred union together. Flirts, desires and fantasies are simply the beginning. They are invitations to go much deeper- to allow this sacred sexual energy to bring me into the very core of my being. There are no goals. I only have to be present with this energy…respecting it, responding to it, becoming it.

It teaches me how to experience pleasure. Pleasure is not just a one time pornographic orgasm, bursting out and releasing. Pleasure is a wave that I ride constantly. It is a pulsating energy that is always available to me. Pleasure is deeper than a sexy experience. It is a way of living. A way of being present, alive and radiant in the world. And it is an invitation to surrender more and more deeply to source energy every day.

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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