The First Forty Days: How to Prepare for a Healing Postpartum Period

So many cultures around the world recognize the importance of honoring the first forty day window of a baby’s new life and a woman’s new life as a mother. I believe if we take these first week after childbirth seriously and prepare properly, we can heal and avoid common postpartum complaints such as prolapse, depression, etc by simply honoring this traditional 6 week period. I am immensely grateful that I had the knowledge, wisdom and support to be able to practice this traditional rest period with 2 of my children. In this video I share in depth how you can create this for yourself. You will learn how to prepare during pregnancy to receive the support you need, how to ask for help to receive meals during this time, what kind of nourishing foods and beverages you should be drinking during the first weeks after birth, what kind of body work would be useful to receive and so much more.
Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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