What Actually Feeds You?

I’ve been reflecting upon this question lately: What actually feeds me?

I know something that feeds me profoundly is S P A C I O U S N E S S. And yet, interestingly, I find myself filling up each calendar day with STUFF all the time!

Today I’m taking a few steps back to see what isn’t actually feeding my soul so I can let go of it. I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to want to say “Yes!” to a lot of things because there are always amazing things happening around me! That’s nothing to complain about really, but at the end of the day, if my space is too crammed and jammed, how present can I truly be with everything? How satisfied will I actually be running from one thing to another? #geminiproblems

So now I ask you: What’s actually feeding you? What can you release gently from your life? What mindless things are you doing every day that don’t contribute to your overall sense of well being? (Think: scrolling through Facebook like a zombie for hours on end).

We can’t bring in our highest potential if we don’t make S P A C E for it.

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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