Time for some SNAIL MEDICINE!

Today I realized that we are all massively detoxing from a hurried way of life that is not sustainable, especially for our poor, abused nervous systems.

As I was preparing breakfast for myself and my husband this morning, I checked the clock and thought to myself in a panic, “It’s already 10! And I haven’t even done anything yet!”

Hold up, wait a minute.

What do we really mean by “doing things”? Do we define our doing by our productivity only? Basing our worth on how much we can produce that may make us some money?

If I’m going to do this whole “soulful entrepreneur” thing then I’m going to do it right. I’m going to cuddle my husband and daughter in the morning. I’m going to stretch my body before engaging with my computer. I’m going to make a relaxed cup of tea or coffee and prepare a healthy breakfast. These things take time, and they’re meant to. I’m going to decide the rules for my routines.

What’s the point otherwise? Seriously, what is the point people?

Sometimes my life feels like it has such a sense of urgency. I think that’s partly due to the fact that I feel like I have a pretty big mission in this life, so I wanna get to it! Anyone relate to that? I think it also has to do with the fact that my spirit feels a bagillion times bigger than my body, so it sometimes feels like there’s so much to squeeeeeze into each moment! But then I’m hit with the remembrance: “Wait a second..I’m eternal and infinite. What is the rush?”

How can we slow down and infuse every moment with mindfulness? How can we re-write the “go-go-go/ push-push-push” script that’s no longer serving us?

Try these 3 things to invoke your inner snail:

1. Pick 1 activity that you do every single day and choose to be mindful during that activity.

For example, this could be brushing your teeth, drinking a cup of coffee, or eating a meal. As you are doing it, simply observe everything that’s happening. Be present with each sensation. The great thing about this exercise is that you don’t have to add anything new to your routine. You simply bring a deeper awareness to what you are already doing. I promise this will make you realize that so much of your life is lived up in your head thinking about the past or the future. This simple little activity can be shockingly revealing!

2. Do a short morning ritual before you jump on your phone or computer.

Diving into the world of technology first thing in the morning can stress our nervous systems and set up the rest of the day for being in a rush. Can you take a few minutes to stretch your body first? Do some deep breathing? One of my favorites is to drink a large glass of water before rushing off to do anything else. Before drinking it, I say a blessing over it and pray for what kind of feeling I would like to cultivate for the rest of the day. This simple act can add a new level of spaciousness to the day.

3. Take a long walk in nature.

We all know how good being out in nature is for us. But how often do we walk mindfully through nature? I find that if I don’t pay attention, I can be completely caught up in future thoughts as I am walking, therefore missing all the beauty around me. Lately I have developed a practice of walking very very slowly through the forest. As I am walking, I make a point to invite the vibrations of the forest to speak to me. I listen deeply with my whole body, and I find that this activity opens my heart in a profound way! Doing it barefoot is even better!

Life truly is better when we value the simple moments and stop rushing, when we stop to smell the flowers, walk slowly with awareness, and cuddle our family members instead of pretending like there are “more important things to do.”

Hail the snail!

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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