This full moon in Scorpio is a big one. A chance to dive deep into what hurts while simultaneously handing it all over to spirit. I hope these words soothe you over these next full moon days.

A message from the full moon through me to you:

Sweet sweet human, stop all of your trying. Let go of all of the effort that you think is required.

You see, there’s a really really BIG intelligence inside of you and it knows exactly what to do in every moment.

Call out to it, relax back in its arms, let go and breathe in a sweet sigh of relief in realizing that you are HELD by life itself, every day in all ways.

There is no way you can escape this intelligence because you’re inside of it.

Somehow you got it all wrong. You see, you’re not really a human seeking truth. You are truth seeking to find itself in your human form.

And the best part is, that it can’t NoT find itself. It’s only a matter of time.

It’s inside out, upside down and flipped around.

It looks like death, but it’s really birth.

It’s the I AM bringing itself into manifestation through you.

There’s nothing to do
but get out of your own way.

The truth that you seek, that which soothes your soul, that which answers all of your questions, and turns all of your desires to dust, is looking at you from inside yourself.

The action that is required by you when you’re identified with your human form is only to relax.

And in time you will whisper:

“Oh sweet surrender, the taste of you is beyond

anything my limited mind could have comprehended.

The infinite unfolding and expansion of myself in you and yourself in me is the most divine dance I could ever dream up.

I laugh and cry at the same time as I realize,

“I was never in charge.”

And it’s so much better this way, isn’t it? “

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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