5 New Moon Rituals That Will Enliven Your Month

Life as a woman is so much more rich and delicious when you learn to flow with the energy of the Moon and all of her cycles. There are certain energies that are available to us depending on the phases of the moon and we can use these energies to help us along each month in a powerful way.

I always do a ritual or ceremony on every new and full moon. The new moon is perfect for cleaning out old energies or beliefs that are no longer serving us while also making room to plant new seeds of intentions. Our intentions are always magnified during the new moon.

Try these 5 simple New Moon rituals to freshen up your life and enhance your connection with the moon and her cycles:

1. Clean out old flowers and put new ones in your vases around your house. Take a few moments to do a sweep of your house and clean out any dead flowers and/or trim up and water house plants that need a bit of love. I love using local leaves and flowers to decorate my house each month as it is also a way for me to keep in touch with the changes of the seasons.

2. Make a prayer box. I have a beautiful wooden box that I keep on my altar and I visit it every new moon. I write down intentions, wishes, desires, prayers and even worries that I need to let go of on a piece of paper. I then fold it up and then place it in my little box. This box is a symbol of me handing those things over to the Universe/God/Goddess. Once I place the paper in the box, I take a moment to mentally let go of any worries and I trust that my prayers will be answered. This practice allows me to truly see how much I am guided and always being taken care of. It’s really fun to re-visit my box on the next new moon and take a look at the prayers that I put in the last month and how most of them are answered or are in progress.

3. Clean out whatever needs to be cleaned out- physically and vibrationally. I like to take this day to calmly and peacefully sweep my house and do a cleansing with some incense, sage or essential oils. I also reflect on what I’d like to release that has not been serving me over the past month. Some good examples are: stress, worry, limiting beliefs, illness, or struggle. This can be done most easily by connecting with the energy of the moon and visualizing all of those things leaving your vibrational field and body.

4. Free flow heart writing. Set aside 15 minutes or so and grab a journal and pen. These 15 minutes are for allowing your imagination to flow wildly and freely.  Imagine anything and everything that you could possibly desire for your life and for the world. Imagine, for example, all of your relationships thriving, your physical health and energy levels soaring, and you offering your services deeply to the world.  Just go with the flow and try to write from the heart, not from the mind.  Don’t allow any details of your current situation to hold you back. Imagine anything you dream of and write it down. Some very interesting things can become clear in a writing session like this. What would your life look like if there were truly no limitations? This exercise is a brilliant way to move into a very expansive and positive mindset about your future.

5. Clean up and re-arrange your altar. I love visiting my altar on each new moon and seeing if anything wants to be moved around or replaced. Sometimes I use some sage and clear the space and do a little cleansing on any stones and crystals I’m working with. If you don’t have an altar, the new moon is a great time to create one! Start by choosing a place in your home that is relatively quiet- a place that you can visit frequently without getting interrupted. You can use a small table or even just a piece of cloth to start your altar. Place a few objects on your altar that are symbolic of any energy that you’d like to bring into your daily life. I always meditate and pray in front of it each day and it is such a grounding practice for me.

How do you honor the New Moon? Do you have any specific rituals or celebrations that you enjoy? I’d love to hear in the comments below! 

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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