Ground, Release and Love

(This post was written the day Trump got inaugurated).

Big days of change like today are powerful days in our collective consciousness and if you’re an empathic person, it’s very normal to feel like you’re suddenly “hit” with a million feelings, vibrations and even strong sensations that manifest in the body. Sometimes it feels like it “comes out of nowhere” but in reality it doesn’t. It’s simply that there are extreme emotions circulating in the planetary consciousness, and you are open enough to pick up on them.

My suggestion for super open and sensitive empaths with a propensity toward cleansing not just their own consciousness, but the collective too, is to make sure you have a grounding practice.

My favorite grounding practice is to sit in front of my altar that I’ve created as a sacred space in my room. Then I imagine that I have roots growing out from below me to the core of the earth. Then I imagine that I open to the heavens directly above my head. Then I ask the energy from the earth and the energy from the heavens to merge in my heart and form a force field around me, a torus like shape. I ask that this force field vibrate in the highest frequency of love and that it transform anything that comes into my personal space that feels heavy or negative into the highest frequency of love as well.

After this practice I always feel grounded, cleansed and ready to open to love no matter what shows up in my consciousness.

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina

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